Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hue (mostly foods) : )

Some photos from our time in what used to be the capitol of Vietnam --> Hue.

Making of a morning ca phe sua da  :D

Nina's Cafe. Love this place!
Deeeelicious food in a cute area... on a side alley, off another side alley.

Near Hue's Imperial City...

A cyclo driver resting between rides...
...and trying to get Lenny's attention.

One dog on the street.
Two dogs behind the gate.
Three dogs in Hue.

Ha - if you just read the previous post... you're doing to think I'm a very picky eater...

Lenny and I ate at the place shown below our last night in Hue (yes... we were basically in this family's living room).

I ordered shrimp spring rolls (again)... but what came out was no bueno. There were worm-like mushrooms inside and only fish sauce for dipping. No thanks.

I ended up picking out each little shrimp from the 8 rolls... but that's all I ate. I was afraid to leave them there and have the lady see that I did not eat them. SO... I ended up rolling 5 of the rolls up in napkins and sticking the bundle into my bag! (I almost got caught when she walked back in.)

THEN... she still asked me if I didn't like the meal since I left 3 on the plate.

(We then went back to Nina's Cafe so that Lenny could get a glass of DaLat wine and I could get a bit more to eat... which ended up being coconut ice cream.)  Hehe.

Lenny enjoyed his meal well enough...
Hue special fried rolls and chicken pho...

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