Thursday, April 25, 2013

VN SEAFOOD on the trip with Lenny

Traveling along the coast, Lenny and I ate plenty of fresh seafood during our roadtrip!  Most of the photos below are all from food at the awesome floating restaurant at the Lang Co Lagoon... the Nha Hang Noi Viet Long restaurant is pretty awesome. There are two docks that lead to the restaurant, set on floating docks in the middle of the lagoon. You choose your dinner from baskets and buckets set in small pools of water within the docks... and then they cook it for you. Scrumptious and fresh!

We had crab, prawns, and clams in lemongrass...

We ordered grilled fish with vegetables...
And, well, that's exactly what turned up!

The next morning we went back for coffees...
but ended up with green-lipped mussels  : )

Lenny's prawns for dinner in DaNang our last night.

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