Friday, April 5, 2013

snorkeling & diving at Cham Island, ~Hoi An

Lenny wanted to go diving while we were in Hoi An. I hadn't realized that this would be a good location for it - but now I know better! The weather had apparently been better for diving the day before (better visibility underwater)... but it was still decent.

I went along and signed up to go snorkeling - for my first time!

We went with Cham Island Diving.

They had coffee, water, and some snacks on the boat for us throughout the day.

This is where I went snorkeling!

When I first got into the water and put my head down, I just saw cloudy water. Uhhhhh ok. I didn't think it was all that great but went with it.

I was swimming around a bit and got further away from the boat.

WELL... then it was like this entire underwater world opened up to me! THIS was more like what I was expecting! HA! I was in water that was too deep at first. The coral reef was beautiful. My favorite was the giant blue starfish.

It was pretty amazing to have an entire school of 100's of tiny fish swim under me, darting in various directions but staying together. Very, very cool.

There were also small jellyfish. We were told about them before getting in and that we might see them (there were a ton!) but that even if they 'stung' us, it would be just a little and wouldn't really hurt or do anything.

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