Sunday, April 28, 2013

lovely dates in Paris

Last school year, Sarah and I went to the Jaspas on Dong Khoi basically every Saturday and Sunday morning. ...Jaspas has now re-done the upstairs and got rid of the comfy booths... bummer.

THIS year, Jen and I started going to the Paris Baguette on Hai Ba Trung near where we both live... and it has turned into a regular on the weekend. I love it. I miss Sarah so much... and I'm going to miss Jen so much after we both leave Vietnam this summer.

...About two months left to enjoy dates in Paris with Jen! (Next year, we can hopefully meet in the real Paris for a coffee date... since she and Nick will be back in England and I'll be in Italy.)  :D

Our favorite spot...
With our usuals... hot latte and plain muffin. Mmmmmmmmmm

A great view... a great place to read... and a great latte!

Paris Baguette's upstairs has quite a view of quite the crazy intersection...
(and crazy telecom wiring... ha!)

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