Saturday, April 13, 2013

(Lenny's) first lunch in Hue, Vietnam

Lenny found a restaurant in Hue that was highly recommended online... saying that it is where all the locals go -- great food, great prices. ...Oooook!

WELL... the entire menu (hanging on the wall above the lady in orange shown below...) was only in Vietnamese... so we guessed what to order.

Ohhh goodness.

As son as the food showed up, I knew that I did not want to eat it. Lenny was a great sport (well, not even being a great sport... he just really liked it!) We ended up with banh beo, a specialty of Hue that comes in small bowls and is made of a rice cake (jelly consistency) and dried shrimp on top.

Then we also ordered some kind of shrimp sausage... it was like baloney.

I ate a bit of each and was done. I did feel somewhat bad... but couldn't muster it. AND... we were the only ones there for a late lunch. The entire staff sat at the table right next to ours and watched us the entire meal. Uhhhh... uncomfortable. ...Especially since I wasn't eating any of it. (Xin loi! -- Sorry!)

This was 'Lenny's Lunch' ...we then drove back towards our hotel, which was in the backpacker area of Hue and found a lovely Vietnamese restaurant, which was probably 3x's more expensive (at least) and used as a major tour bus stop for a meal. I loved it.  :D  It was a good break for me and I was safe with ordering shrimp spring roles and a ca phe sua day. Perrrrrfect.

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  1. Hey Stacia,
    So happy for you to have these adventures with your brother! Thanks for all the pics & stories. I look forward to every installment. Kim