Tuesday, April 9, 2013

driving over Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

After a night on Non Nuoc Beach in DaNang, Lenny and I set out for Lang Co! This is the bit with the Hai Van Pass, which I was really looking forward to. GREAT views.

A statue set among the foothills... and that mountain is what we're about to head over!

Lenny checking the map on his phone...
He recently upgraded to the new iPhone 5, which then can use a nano SIM card in Vietnam to be able to access 3G... and have maps/directions along the way - awesome!

Here, we have just started up the mountain and are looking back at DaNang...

Ready for the ride!


  1. Did Lenny have a rain poncho for the motorbike ride too? Did you get caught in any rain storms along the way?

    1. No rain! Good time of year to go : )
      I had a little poncho in my bag... But thankfully we didn't need it at all.