Sunday, April 7, 2013

the snorkeling lunch (and I break my tail), Cham Island

After snorkeling and while Lenny was on another dive, I was sitting on the front of the boat reading my book. One of the crew came up and was trying to tie up the anchor... and tighten the rope... and it looked lik he needed a bit of help. I jumped up to help him... but my feet slipped out from under me before I knew what was what... and I sat down HARD on the deck of the boat.

My butt hurt the rest of the day! (And the rest of the trip... and still now two weeks later! HA!) I broke my tail(bone)... not really... no fracture... I've even been to the doctor and now own two x-rays of my butt. You could still see the swelling of the soft tissue still a week later and even the doctor and nurse were impressed with the bruise! It's getting better and I'm glad there's no fracture... but also no working out for me for a few weeks.

For the end of our day out near Cham Island, we had a lovely seafood lunch... and then time to relax on the beach in hammocks. I was secretly glad that the boat had broken down too... as then I had a bit more time in the hammock with my book while we waited for a speed boat to come out and bring us back to Hoi An (AND the speed boat had cushioned seating instead of the original boat's wooden benches! My bottom was appreciative of that.)  :P

The whole slipping-on-banana-peels as a funny joke... is really not so funny. The entire rest of our trip, I'd look to see if a cafe had cushioned seating... and it took me a while to get situated in a chair.  :P  Goodness.

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