Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DaNang, Vietnam - Non Nuoc Resort

Lenny and I rented motorbikes in Hoi An... for 4 days, we each paid $45 - oooook! Awesome.

The first part of our roadtrip was super quick... just from Hoi An to DaNang. ...And a good thing too because as we arrived at the resort in DaNang, we realized that we had left our passports at the hotel in Hoi An - whoops! We ended up spending the afternoon in Hoi An (things can be worse).   : )

We stayed at the Non Nuoc Resort and had a garden view bungalow... it was a splurge compared to our other accommodations but still reasonable and very nice. This was alsothe best buffet breakfast of the trip by far.

Our bungalow:

 One of the two pools at the resort. Niiiiiice, very niiiiiice.

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