Sunday, April 21, 2013

roundabout traffic at night @ Le Loi and Nguyen Hue streets

Lenny wanted to take photos at night of the Saigon traffic at a roundabout in the city.

We first went to the rooftop bar/restaurant at the Rex Hotel... and found a live band playing... but they happened to be right where we would have wanted to sit for a good view of the roundabout.

I still took a couple photos...

(The short building on the very left above is where we ended up going.)

The People's Committee Building... with the newer VinCom Center behind it lit in blue.

We decided to go diagonally across the roundabout from the Rex, to a lovely rooftop restaurant called SH Garden.
This is the view we ended up getting!
You can see the Rex Hotel across the way... 
...and the People's Committee Building behind that on the right.

Lenny's photos are MUCH better.
He leaves the shutter open on his camera for a length of time and gets really cool traffic light lines.

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