Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lenny likes checkers, DaNang, Vietnam

There is a Vietnamese (I think it's originally Chinese actually) checkers game that many of the local men play... sometimes for big money.

Lenny and I were walking along the river in DaNang and found a group of men crowded around two men playing... it was an intense game!

Last time Lenny was in Vietnam he bought this game and has tried learning how to play with a friend back in Colorado. There are many rules of play and many moves that each piece can do... it's a tough game to learn. Lenny knows a bit and the guys around the game seemed to love that he was there and interested in watching the game. Lenny even told the guys that he knows how to play a little bit! "Chut chut!"

The game was near the new Dragon Bridge...

Some of the onlookers helped the players with suggestions...

The guy pointing to the board in the photo below ended up winning with some kind of killer move that another guy recommended for him!

Sometimes some of the onlookers would even reach out and move a piece for a player as a suggestion... and more often than not, the player's only response was to reach out and move the piece back to where it was. Haha.

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  1. I love this post! I love how it shows the locals so involved in a fun activity!