Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cafe Eleven

There is a cute cafe one floor below the SH Garden Restaurant (where Lenny and I went to take night photos of the roundabout in front of the People's Committee Building). I saw Cafe Eleven on our walk down the stairs and it looked like a nice cafe with super comfy seating... sounds lovely for a weekend coffee or juice!

Donna and I met up a couple weekends ago and went to Cafe Eleven. We each got some treats...

I've since been twice more... with my friend Kat for a Language Date (our weekly meet-ups when she studies her Spanish and I practice my Italian skills on the DuoLingo app... which I love, by the way), and also with my friend Michelle, another teacher at the middle school.

My favorite parts of Cafe Eleven are the comfy seating and the quiet atmosphere. HCMC is full of cute cafes with lovely food and coffee... but I find that they often lack the comfort once you're actually seated inside. Cafe Eleven is a new favorite place in my book!

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