Monday, April 29, 2013

Mekong Merchant and Bananagrams

Michelle (a language arts teacher at the middle school where I work) and I have been meeting at the gym in the mornings on weekends... and last weekend we followed up our workout with a lovely breakfast at Mekong Merchant in District 2. This is one of my favorite cafes... for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, a snack, etc. etc. It's all good... and always a lovely atmosphere.

We had a great breakfast... bagel, fruit, juice, coffee... AND played a round of Bananagrams. 'Twas a great start to the weekend!

Playing Bananagrams in public at a cafe... nerdy? ...Yes -- it even says so on my board!  :P

And Ms. Sarah Parker, if you're reading this - I MISS YOU! Wish you, me, and Michelle could all play a round together. XOXO

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